Slide bearings, slide bushes

Slide bearings, slide bushes

Slide bearings, slide bushes


general construction of vehicles, engineering and mining industries, mobile hydraulics or shipbuilding

Design featuers

bearing/guidance linear or rotating of shafts, spindles, slides of a press, connection rods etc.


standard sizes or according drawing, with or without collar, oil grooves, self-lubricating; turned, pressed, sintered, closed, divided

Operating limits

Pressure: at atmospheric pressure
Temperature: -60° C to +250° C
special material also for high temperature
Speed: up to 6 m/s

You can find the values in psi, ° F and FPM on the data sheet.


plastic like Orkot®, various PTFE-compounds, POM or metals with bronze, brass, stainless steel, hardened if required