Lip seal system

Lip seal system

Lip seal system

Operating limits

Pressure: vacuum to 20 bar
Sliding speed: 60 m/s
Temperature: -130° C to 300° C
pv-Value: up to 90 bar*m/s
Runout: up to 0,13 mm
Axial end play: up to ± 3,2 mm

You can find the values in psi, ° F and FPM on the brochure.


Metal parts: stainless steel 1.4571
Sealing units: modified PTFE

Special features

  • systems for pumps with single- oder double sealing
  • systems for mixers and agitators
  • systems for rotary jontis
  • systems for sealing of bearings
  • with ATEX acceptance and according TA-Luft
  • customer-specific lip-profiles and -designs