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lip seal systems

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Advantages for users

• ready-to-install sealing

• high operational reliability at
   batch processing and
   inclination to stick together

• no pollution of product by
   leakage of barrier fluid at
   double seals

• simplified control

• uncritical operation raises
   the safety

• excellent cleanability due
   to cavity free design

• requirements according
   TA-Luft and ATEX are fulfilled

Lip seal systems

Perfectly adapted lip seal systems are an alternative to mechanical seals, packages and standard lip seals. Thereby the mentioned operating limits depend on the particular operating conditions.

By delivery of a complete system the user gets a ready-to-install solution. Compared to packages a maintenance-free sealing without leakage is achieved. In comparison with mechanical seals one dynamic sealing element means no movable O-rings, no sticking seal face, no springs and no locking device elements and therefore a reduction of possible failure causes.