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Mechanical seal type IFS

Type IFS1A25 / IFS1A28

Mechanical seal type IFS1A25 / IFS1A28

Design features

  • unbalanced
  • dependent direction of rotation
  • easy mounting by preassembled unit
  • mounting space according to DIN EN 12756 (Type IFS1A28)

Operating limits

Pressure: up to 10 bar
external pressure
Temperature: -40° C to +180° C
Speed: up to 15 m/s

You can find the values in psi, ° F and FPM on the data sheet.


Standard seal face combination: ceramic vs. carbon, silicon carbide vs. carbon, silicon carbide vs. silicon carbide
O-rings : NBR, FKM, EPDM
Other parts: CrNi-Steel