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All steel membrane coupling type NAN

Type NAN

All steel membrane coupling type NAN

Design features

  • all steel design
  • no circumferential backlash and torsionally stiff
  • free of maintenance and wear
  • flexible steel membranes compensate misalignment of shafts
  • reaction forces to the shaft ends are low
  • easy mounting by preassembled membrane pack
  • spacer unit may be dismantled without moving the driving or driven machine
  • independent direction of rotation

Operating limits

Temperature: -20° C to +280° C
Nominal torque: 150 up to 25.000 Nm

You can find the values in psi, ° F and FPM on the data sheet.

Selection and design

  • Individual consulting service is included to the delivery extent. METAX is specialised to make customised designs.