Pressure Controller

Pressure Controller

Pressure Controller


  • medium pressure depending superposition of the buffer pressure (on rising pressure of the medium) of thermo siphon vessels (= medium pulse control)
  • constant superposition of pressure (analog to the transmission ratio of the pneumatic step-piston pump and the compressed air-intake pressure = air pulse contact control) of thermo siphon vessels
  • in both cases the thermo siphon vessels serve as intermediate vessel for cooling (by means of cooling spiral admitted with coolig water) of the connected mechanical seal following the principle of the thermo siphon circulation system

Equipment of the basic appliance

  • all parts with contact to the product made of stainless steel
  • 20 litres reservoir with optical and (optional) electrical, ex-protected level indicator
  • pneumatic step-piston pump
  • pressure intensifier for transmission of the reference pressure (working pressure or actual pressure of the medium)
  • the functional part of the Pressure Controller with pneumatic pump and pressure intensifier is designed as an easy-to-service plug-in unit

Technical data

Buffer pressure: max. 70 bar


  • 330 x 500 x 400 (width x height x depth)