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Take advantage of our expertise in sealing technology

Living sustainability


METAX carries out repair services on mechanical seals, rotary joints and lip seal systems of various types and manufacturers. After analyzing the damage and determining the costs, you decide whether you want a reconditioning or a new component.

Identifying causes of failure


We elaborate assessments of your failed mechanical seals in order to draw conclusions about the cause of failure. Subsequently we determine which design improvements, different operating modes or improved material combinations can lead to a service life extension. Our service is manufacturer independant.

Learn to understand seals

Training Courses and Workshops

In our training courses for technical draftsmen and design engineers, users and maintenance personnel we explain the performance characteristics of various seals and sealing systems for rotating shafts in a comprehensive but practical manner using examples.

Predictive maintenance
Monitoring and Analysis in Operation

With our new pump monitoring system with innovative lubricant film monitoring you can achieve adaptive and predictive maintenance -whether as a purchase model for permanent monitoring or as a rental model for analysis and one-off process optimisation.

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