Predictive maintenance

Pump Monitoring Systems

Important operating parameters are monitored, and data will be collected in one system
Applicable for pumps, compressors and agitators to support predictive maintenance

Integrated sensor technology

Sensorized Mechanical Seals

In cooperation with our partner BestSens AG ( ), a live demonstration of an emergency shutdown of a mechanical seal was recorded in the video.

Superior sensor technology

Predictive Maintenance

The market offers a wide range of promising solutions for predictive maintenance. In all systems, machine data are collected and analyzed, and their evaluation serves as the basis for decisions on target-oriented maintenance.


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The video accompanying the technical article provides a brief summary.

Customized implementation of requirements

Monitoring Platform

  • No cloud-solution, the data remains with the customer
  • Network connection according to customer specifications
  • Few important data for monitoring (traffic light system), extensive measured values for analysis
  • Platform for integrating a wide variety of sensors depending on the application and customer specifications
We make your pump "smart"

IIoT for Pumps

Typical arrangement for two high duty pumps

Monitoring Set Up

METAX monitoring systems for two machines include the highest level of self-monitoring:
two separate PLC-units monitor each other mutually.
Our systems collect all information about a machine set up: pressure, temperature,
flow of barrier fluid, vibration and with our innovative technology
lubrication condition of the bearings and the mechanical seals.

“See” what is not visible

Looking Inside

Lubrication condition of machine parts may change during operation due to
changed operating conditions of the machines, due to wear and aging of lubricant.
METAX ultrasonic sensors are built in close to the area of lubrication without disturbing the
operation of the machine parts. Our measuring technology together with complex
mathematical analyzing algorithms delivers precise life information of the lubrication status.

Modular equipment with sensors for

Lubrication Monitoring

  • EX-proof sensor design
  • Sensors for bearings with clamping ring screw connection
  • Sensors for mechanical seals built in with plug connection
Individual configured layout

Cabinet Design

  • Two PLC’s – one for each pump
  • Human-Machine Interface at the front door
  • Air purge device for hazardous area
  • Redundant power supply
  • Relay’s for safety information systems
Users perspective

Your Benefit

  • High operating safety by continuous monitoring of operating condition
  • Simplified identification of the status of the machine by using a “traffic” light signal
  • Optional: shut down information when reaching a critical level of operating conditions
  • Storage of all operating data for a long-term analysis
  • Cost optimization - predictive maintenance only when necessary
  • High availability of the plant by minimizing
    the downtime
User benefits through technology

METAX – Seals

  • Timely recognition of wear through innovative monitoring technology
  • Assurance of favorable operation conditions
  • Premature detection of changing operation parameters


» Our innovative sensor technology
delivers information deeply from the
condition of lubrication «