Master dry running

Lip Seal Systems

This sealing technology complements our delivery program with a sealing solution for applications with low rotational speed and the risk of dry running or insufficient lubrication with liquid medium

Basis for success

Technological Concept

The combination of a lip made of a PTFE compound combined with the outstanding properties of a shaft
sleeve made of solid silicon carbide is the basis for our successful technological concept.

The polymer PTFE is characterized by its low friction, non-adhesion properties and dry running capability
(without liquid media). Silicon carbide has the highest hardness of technical materials after diamond and it can
quickly dissipate and distribute the frictional heat from the point of its origin in the contact area thanks to its
excellent thermal conductivity (5 times better than stainless steel).

(stainless steel)

(silicon carbide)

Versatile design

Design Features

  • Ready-to-install sealing system
  • Shaft sleeve made of silicon carbide
  • Simple design
  • Vacuum up to 20 bar
  • Dry running properties
  • Resistant to sticking
  • Corrosion and heat resistant
  • Gaseous barrier possible

Adaptable models

Technical Designs

  • Standard design with pre-seal
  • Cartridge versions with integrated bearing
  • Versions enabling compensation of increased radial misalignments
  • Dry-running seals for high speed with separate cooling using liquid media 
  • Designs according to TA Luft
    (“clean air act”)

  • Designs according to ATEX
  • Metal-free designs
  • CIP and SIP capable
Cost-optimized units for series products

Complete Systems

For mixing and agitator technology as well as special pump applications, there are innovative possibilities for the production of compact and cost-effective sealing units. We configure these together with the machine manufacturer as an individual system, which is supplied exclusively.

Important fields of operation


  • Vertical pumps
  • Dry suction pumps
  • Pumps with a risk of dry running
  • Mixers and agitators
  • Vacuum technology
  • Pharmaceutical applications with
    gas barrier

  • Hygienic designs
METAX designs

Your Advantages

  • Pre-assembled units prevent damage to
    sensitive PTFE lips during assembly

  • In certain applications, METAX systems
    are clearly superior to other sealing concepts

  • Significantly reduced installation effort due to gas barriers used for seals that need a barrier medium because of environmental, hygienic or safety requirements