Reduce Loss of Pre-Stress

Life loaded seals

METAX technology is the key to long-term reliable operation
Applicable for heat exchangers, steam tanks, air coolers, standard flanges and valves

Superior technology

Flange Sealing Systems

Sealing of heat exchangers, steam vessels, air coolers and standard flanges in high duty applications is critical. METAX technology is the key for long time safe operation.

Upgrade existing equipment

Valve Shaft Sealing Systems

Nuts with integrated springs apply a continuous load on the shaft seal.
Typically, existing bolts can remain at the valve. Combined with METAX shaft
packings the upgrade of the valve will lead to extended safe operation.

Users perspective

Your benefit

  • High operating safety
  • High availability of the plant by minimizing the downtime 
  • Simple upgrade, no change of existing equipment
  • Fulfilling of environmental requirements
  • High protection level for working people in the plant
State of the art technology

Existing problems

  • Starting process: Heating from inside to outside
  • Shut-down-process: Undefined status of the expansion of vessels, heat exchangers or valve housings


»Many high duty systems fail after some
time with a high risk of fire or accident «