Accurate insertion of media

Rotary Joints

High-quality sealing systems for cooling and heating rollers and rotors, for automation in hydraulic and pneumatic systems as well as in process technology and the processing industry

Understanding and realizing market requirements

Process Optimization

Technical solutions are created in dialog with our customers. The purpose must be grasped and implemented 
in a design using proven technology. Innovative, new and patentable products are the result.

With one of our rotary joint types, users who heat rollers with steam can optimize their application. Our solution 
adjusts the condensate pipe while the machine is running and thus optimizes the heat transfer of the roller.

Prozesse optimieren
Rollers and rotors

Cooling and Heating

  • Single-channel or multi-channel versions
  • With stationary or rotating syphon tube
  • Connection to rotor with thread, flange or 
    stub shaft
  • Versions for heating with water, steam and thermal oil
Energy and media

Transmitting and Feeding

  • Complete units with motor and bearing for transmission of the rotational energy and simultaneous sealing to the process chamber
  • Combined insertion of media and electrical energy
  • Applications in process technology and 
    vacuum technology
Tailored solutions


Limited installation spaces, a large number of media to be transmitted such as hydraulics, pneumatics, cooling water and electrical signals pose a challenge for the construction.

Various fields of operation


  • Printing machines
  • Paper machines
  • Mixers and agitators
  • Tact rotary tables
  • Clamping technology
  • Processing tools
  • Vacuum systems
  • Devices with hygienic design
METAX designs

Your Advantages

  • Designs adapted to the application and the customer‘s installation space avoid compromises: no adapters, always the best choice of materials
  • Use of different sealing technologies adjusted to the individual requirements
  • Reduction of procurement processes due to delivery of ready-to-install components with all necessary connections
  • One-off production
  • In time detection of wear thanks to innovative monitoring technology


» Our innovative sensor technology
provides in-depth information about
the condition of the lubrication «