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METAX carries out repair services on mechanical seals, rotary joints and lip seal systems of various types and manufacturers. After analyzing the damage and determining the costs, you decide whether you want a reconditioning or a new component.

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General hints

METAX carries out repair services on mechanical seals of any design and manufacturer. For complete cartridge seals, an assembly drawing should be supplied.

For a complete damage analysis, all operating parameters should be available. For mechanical seals of smaller dimensions a repair is often not economical compared to the delivery of a new part. By comparing our estimation of repair costs with a quotation for a replacement seal, you can transparently decide whether your seal should be repaired and put into operation again or whether you should go for a new component.

Repairs are only possible if all parts of the seal to be repaired are present. Chemical neutralization, if necessary, must be carried out before dispatch. Careful packaging must be ensured during shipment to our facility. In particular, the seal faces must be protected against impact loads.